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Gems KhowledgeGems Khowledge (View 43442)
Gems Khowledge   All gems  21 group order by ascending this below are high price because quality of gems 1.Apatite Hardness = 5 Mohs Chemical Formula = Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl), Calcium (Fluoro, Chloro, Hydroxyl) Phosphate Refractive Index...
Natural Power of GemstonesNatural Power of Gemstones (View 75427)
Sorry ..!  Not Ready in English language but ready in Thai language yet.
Birth month StoneBirth month Stone (View 56374)
Birth month Stone (Last Update  April 19, 2006) January ANCIENT = Rose Quartz (Click for Detail) MODERN = Garnet (Click for detail)                  Feb...
Birthday StoneBirthday Stone (View 117089)
Gem of ZodiacGem of Zodiac (View 118466)
ราศีมังกร (14 ม.ค. - 13 ก.พ.) ท่านที่เกิดในเดือนมกราคม หรือ ราศีมังกรมักจะมีความคิดเฉียบแหลม ช่างคิดช่างฝัน บางครั้งก็เป็นคนที่มีจิตใจสงบนิ่งแต่เมื่อถึงคราวที่ต้องมีเรื่องมีราวละก็ชาวมังกรรับอาสาเป็นหัวหน้าเลยทีเดียว จากอารมณ์ที่พลิกผัน เช่นนี้คุณอา...
Astrology on a sign of the zodiacAstrology on a sign of the zodiac (View 25827)
Not ready in english.
White gold vs. PlatinumWhite gold vs. Platinum (View 12929)
White gold vs. Platinum   Is white gold the same as platinum? The answer to this question is no.   White gold White gold is an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium. White gold can be 18kt, 14kt, 9kt or an...
Yellow Sapphire...Gem of LoyaltyYellow Sapphire...Gem of Loyalty (View 14671)
Yellow Sapphire...Gem of Loyalty See "Openning Chanthaburi City of gem #3 Ceremony."It show Yellow sapphire 114 Ct. and Jewelry fashion show on 8-12 Dec. 2006
Gems brilliance index TableGems brilliance index Table (View 8187)
Gems brilliance index table for the city of gems (nakhonunyamanee)   Code Acronym Meaning * (One Star) Included/PK (Pique) These gems have some larger and/or many minor inclusions that somewhat diminish the br...
Hardness of gemsHardness of gems (View 7728)
Hardness of gems 10 = Most hard 1 = little hard (Click at picture for large)
Table of gems hardnessTable of gems hardness (View 7990)
Table of gems hardness (Click at picture for large)
Qualifications of the good gems and four factors of pricesQualifications of the good gems and four factors of prices (View 127329)
Three qualifications of the good gems 1. Beauty meaning have a beautiful colors, good brilliancy and transparency of light 2. Durability can consider from three qualifications 2.1 Hardness is robust to abrasion or scrub ex. Diamond is a most hardn...
Satisfied Customers are our main priority.Satisfied Customers are our main priority. (View 31264)
Satisfied Customers are our main priority   We have an unconditional return policy on all NEW items purchased. If item(s) are returned within fourteen (14) days for gem and seven (7) days for jewelry of receipt, we will refund your amount (shi...
Standard of gems photography in Nakhon Unyamanee shopStandard of gems photography in Nakhon Unyamanee shop (View 15810)
Why we will shooting gems with other object Like as Hand, Box, Color table, etc.   Pros :   1. Color of gem when compare with other object color 2. Size of gem when compare with other object color 3. Pure of picture   Cons ...
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รายการนี้ ไม่ได้ขายจ๊ะ
Satisfied Customers are our main priority
Finger Size and Ring Size Measurement
Sell Land and Resort area 77 rai 3 ngan 74 square wah at Koh Mak, Trat, Thailand.
Price 15,000,000.00 USD
Ring Emerald 7.2 Carat.
Price 96,666.67 USD
Yellow Sapphire 104 Carat.
Price 250,000.00 USD
Yellow Sapphire 101 Carat.
Price 250,000.00 USD
Yellow Sapphire 21.78 Carat.
Price 21,666.67 USD
Yellow Sapphire 21.78 Carat.
Price 7,333.33 USD
Yellow Sapphire 2.00 Carat.
Price 2,000.00 USD
Yellow  Sapphire 17.45  Carat.
Price 16,333.33 USD
Yellow  Sapphire 10.15  Carat.
Price 8,333.33 USD
Yellow Sapphire 2.68 Carat.
Price 616.67 USD
Yellow Sapphire 20.11  Carat.
Price 20,000.00 USD
Ruby 6.03  Carat.
Price 93,333.33 USD
Ruby   04.02  Carat.
Price 96,666.67 USD
Natural Reddish Orange Sapphire  4.58  Carat.
Price 5,666.67 USD
Ruby Thailand 5.08  Carat.
Price 130,000.00 USD
Ruby Mynmar Weight 25.70 Ct. Pear Cut
Price 5,333.33 USD
Ruby Mynmar Weight 6.40 Ct. Oval Cut
Price 2,346.67 USD
Ruby from Myanmar Weigh 33.67 Ct.
Price 283,333.33 USD
Natural Star Ruby Oval Shape Cabochon Cut Weight 14.39 Ct.
Price 13,430.67 USD
Blue Sapphire 3.01 Carat.
Price 20,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire  26.49   Carat.
Price 400,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire    3.20 Carat.
Price 2,333.33 USD
Blue Sapphire  3.21  Carat.
Price 5,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire 3.05  Carat.
Price 5,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire   6.55 Carat.
Price 15,283.33 USD
Blue Sapphire 3.08 Carat.
Price 5,333.33 USD
PINK Sapphire   7.31 Carat.
Price 76,666.67 USD
Green Garnet   2.17 Carat.
Price 1,333.33 USD
Ruby from Myanmar Approx Weight 7,500 Ct.
Price 1,333,333.33 USD
Rubellite Pink Tourmaline many size, many clearity, many price
RoughRuby from Myanmar Approx Weight 2,000 Ct.
Price 1,333,333.33 USD
Gold Ring Ruby Cabochon Cut and Diamond
Price 5,316.47 USD
Golden Bracelet Yellow Sapphire 16.74 ct.  Diamond
Price 5,232.00 USD
Gold Earrings Pink sapphire pear shape 3.27 ct.  Diamond
Price 4,848.00 USD
Gold Locket Ruby 2.96 ct.  Diamond
Price 1,344.00 USD
Gold Necklace Zircon 75 piece 14.96 ct.
Price 3,168.00 USD
Silver Ring 21.60K Fancy Gem
Price 216.67 USD
Silver Bracelet 21.60K Fancy Gem 46.00 ct. and Diamond Swiss
Price 766.67 USD

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