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เธซเธˆเธ.เน„เธ”เธกเธญเธ™ เธชเธ•เธตเธฅเธžเธฒเธฃเนŒเธ— เนเธญเธ™เธ”เนŒ เธŠเธฑเธžเธžเธฅเธฒเธข2551

เธšเธฃเธดเธเธฒเธฃ เธ•เธฑเธ” เธžเธฑเธš เธกเน‰เธงเธ™ เธเธฅเธถเธ‡ เธกเธดเธฅเธฅเธดเนˆเธ‡ CNC

038-038016  เธ•เธดเธ”เธ•เนˆเธญเธ„เธธเธ“ เธ”เธ™เธดเธ•เธฒ

By : เธ”เธ™เธดเธ•เธฒ  email  (23/01/2554 14:24:37) IP.
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By : ทิพย์  email  (23/01/2554 14:31:24) IP.
Answer No. 3

Dear Sir/Madam,


Right now i have Raw Diamond  alot in my stock.


I have release it to sale in price $1,200 usd. only


Minimum order 100 carat


When you interested to buy please arrange instrument to check and payment by cash only.






By : taned  email  (24/02/2554 10:18:51) IP.
Answer No. 4

"Don’t pay any attention to the haters — the Toronto Raptors are in the Eastern Conference finals and everything else is inconsequential. As the Raptors prepare to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night for their first Eastern Conference finals in franchise history, Toronto fans have rallied over a perceived slight by CBS Sports.In its poll, the sports news broadcaster asked fans to vote on who would win the NBA Championship: Warriors, Thunder, Cavaliers or Other. The slight, which CBS attributed to the fact that the poll was created before the Raptors beat the Miami Heat in Game 7 Sunday, was enough to get Mayor John Tory to throw some shade. “Please don’t hesitate to have your people call my office to get prime camera portions for the parade after the Toronto Raptors win the NBA Championship. Will we mark their space as ‘other’,” Tory wrote in a letter he tweeted out."

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By : chenzhen20160518  email  (18/05/2559 14:57:45) IP.
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Finger Size and Ring Size Measurement
Sell Land and Resort area 77 rai 3 ngan 74 square wah at Koh Mak, Trat, Thailand.
Price 15,000,000.00 USD
Ring Emerald 7.2 Carat.
Price 96,666.67 USD
Yellow Sapphire 104 Carat.
Price 250,000.00 USD
Yellow Sapphire 101 Carat.
Price 250,000.00 USD
Yellow Sapphire 21.78 Carat.
Price 21,666.67 USD
Yellow Sapphire 21.78 Carat.
Price 7,333.33 USD
Yellow Sapphire 2.00 Carat.
Price 2,000.00 USD
Yellow  Sapphire 17.45  Carat.
Price 16,333.33 USD
Yellow  Sapphire 10.15  Carat.
Price 8,333.33 USD
Yellow Sapphire 2.68 Carat.
Price 616.67 USD
Yellow Sapphire 20.11  Carat.
Price 20,000.00 USD
Ruby 6.03  Carat.
Price 93,333.33 USD
Ruby   04.02  Carat.
Price 96,666.67 USD
Natural Reddish Orange Sapphire  4.58  Carat.
Price 5,666.67 USD
Ruby Thailand 5.08  Carat.
Price 130,000.00 USD
Ruby Mynmar Weight 25.70 Ct. Pear Cut
Price 5,333.33 USD
Ruby Mynmar Weight 6.40 Ct. Oval Cut
Price 2,346.67 USD
Ruby from Myanmar Weigh 33.67 Ct.
Price 283,333.33 USD
Natural Star Ruby Oval Shape Cabochon Cut Weight 14.39 Ct.
Price 13,430.67 USD
Blue Sapphire 3.01 Carat.
Price 20,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire  26.49   Carat.
Price 400,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire    3.20 Carat.
Price 2,333.33 USD
Blue Sapphire  3.21  Carat.
Price 5,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire 3.05  Carat.
Price 5,000.00 USD
Blue Sapphire   6.55 Carat.
Price 15,283.33 USD
Blue Sapphire 3.08 Carat.
Price 5,333.33 USD
PINK Sapphire   7.31 Carat.
Price 76,666.67 USD
Green Garnet   2.17 Carat.
Price 1,333.33 USD
Ruby from Myanmar Approx Weight 7,500 Ct.
Price 1,333,333.33 USD
Rubellite Pink Tourmaline many size, many clearity, many price
RoughRuby from Myanmar Approx Weight 2,000 Ct.
Price 1,333,333.33 USD
Gold Ring Ruby Cabochon Cut and Diamond
Price 5,316.47 USD
Golden Bracelet Yellow Sapphire 16.74 ct.  Diamond
Price 5,232.00 USD
Gold Earrings Pink sapphire pear shape 3.27 ct.  Diamond
Price 4,848.00 USD
Gold Locket Ruby 2.96 ct.  Diamond
Price 1,344.00 USD
Gold Necklace Zircon 75 piece 14.96 ct.
Price 3,168.00 USD
Silver Ring 21.60K Fancy Gem
Price 216.67 USD
Silver Bracelet 21.60K Fancy Gem 46.00 ct. and Diamond Swiss
Price 766.67 USD


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